"We have a large selection of cold hardy trees for your landscaping jobs"

From Sun Valley, Idaho to Park City, Utah. From Jackson, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado

Tree Inventory

At Holley Tree Farm we carry a wide selection of cold-hardy trees, in both Standard and Landscape grades. Varieties include Colorado Spruce, Narrow Leaf Poplar, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Canada Red Cherry, Amur Maple, Quaking Aspen, Red Twig Dogwood, & Cottonless Cottonwood. Check out out current tree inventory below:

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Check out Holley Tree Farm’s selection of cold-hardy trees and stop worrying whether your trees will survive the winter. Call Chris at (208) 390-6093 or visit the Contact Us page.

Tree Selection & Care

If you need help deciding which trees to plant and how to care for them, here are some excellent resources.

•  A valuable site for tree selection, planting tips, and tree care, visit Trees are Good to download brochures on topics such as Tree Selection, New Tree Planting, Plant Health Care, and Pruning Mature Trees.